What is an LED module

An LED module

An LED module is basically a light fixture but without the casing. The biggest advantage of these modules is that you can choose the exact size and wattage to specifically fit the light fixture that you already have. This means that you don’t have to throw out your old one and spend money on a new one. You can only replace the insides of it with an LED module which will make it beautiful and economic. These modules can be installed basically anywhere therefore you can bring the light to any place that you can think of and make your home be seen in a new light.

Standardized LED modules

We make LED modules in various sizes, so they can be fitted into the most popular LED light fixtures that come from the Eastern manufacturers. We decided to do this because we think that it’s a shame to throw out casings of older LED light fixtures only because their “guts” have lost performance or stopped working at all.


Custom-made LED modules

We cooperate with the biggest LED light fixture manufacturers whom we supply with the LED modules that we develop and design specifically for their needs of each one of them.

We are able to design, manufacture and supply any custom-made LED module to fit any light fixture.


We manufacture our LED modules in the Czech Republic

We don’t sell modules made by other manufacturers. We select all the components (including LED chips) and also design our own modules which we subsequently manufacture and complete.

We have the technical background for every step required to make the final product, from the initial draft to the completion. This allows us to make changes and improvements faster and more efficiently.


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