Our modules


Constant voltage LED modules – 230V / 24V / 12V

Our modules are not good only for the basic purpose of illumination. We also manufacture special LED modules that have different colors of light. These can be used for the needs of aquaristics (aquarium lights), floristics (growing plants) etc.

 Constant voltage modules have their own ballast; therefore, it is possible to power them with direct current (DC) which is also used in vehicles, batteries, photovoltaic cells, thermocouples etc. This means that our special ANELUX constant voltage LED modules can be powered by all previously named (and similar) power sources.


Custom-made LED modules

To put it in a nutshell, you can combine parameters of all of our LED modules that you can see here, and we will manufacture it for you. Bear in mind that custom-made modules need to be designed and manufactured and that could take some time, so it is better to contact us, so we can estimate how long it would take to complete your order.


Constant current LED modules

Shape options

Square LED modules

Square LED modules can be fitted into most of the indoor or outdoor LED light fixtures with 10W and 20W of power.
These mass-produced modules come in two sizes – 20x20mm and 45x40mm.


Rectangular LED modules

These modules are mainly used with aluminum profiles, drywall profiles (backlit double drywall ceilings) or you can use them as lighting in shop windows etc.
Especially architects, protectants and handymen who use LED technology as lighting in interiors or exteriors like them because of the compact size of these modules and also because it is possible to make an infinitely long chain of them.


Round LED modules

Round modules don’t need to be fitted only into the round LED light fixtures. They can be fitted into any light fixture as long as it is equipped with quality concave glass and reflector to control and disperse the light to get rid of the unwanted spotlight effect. If you actually want to achieve the spotlight effect, then round modules are the best choice.


We constantly innovate and upgrade all the standard and special LED modules that can be used in artificial, outdoor, amateur or professional environment or any other area that you can think of.
We always use materials of the highest quality. We don’t use old LED chips in our modules. Some of the other manufacturers use parts old up to 10 years and that is only an embarrassment to the whole segment. LED chips became so advanced that they are more than sufficient for the needs even of the most demanding customers.

Leaving feedback on our ANELUX LED modules is more than welcome as it helps us with innovation and manufacturing of our products.