An LED module is the core of every LED light fixture.

Quality LED modules could be part even of your light fixtures. In any case, LED modules should be the main part of them and you should not marginalize them. You should pay attention to their values and used LED chips.

LED modules are now being made also in the Czech Republic and that gives you the opportunity to pick the “brain” of your light fixture yourself but don’t forget that there are exact parameters that you need to take in account. Thanks to a wide variety of power options it is possible to turn formerly “weak” LED light fixture into a strong one. This is possible to accomplish if you use a stronger LED module and power supply.

There already are LED modules that can be installed into a “normal” light fixture. This means that you can take your favorite non-LED light fixture that you want to keep, or you have it already mounted, choose your desired LED module size and wattage and replace the “guts” of said light fixture. However, there is no rule that says that you need to use LED modules only in this way. Let your imagination run wild. For example, a minimalistic aluminum radiator fitted with an LED module can improve the look of the interior much better than a monstrous light fixture.

Size and wattage options of standard ANELUX LED modules.